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// Åsnes Combat Nato Force Backcountry/Fjellski

Åsnes Combat Nato Force Backcountry/Fjellski

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Åsnes Combat Nato Force Backcountry/Fjellski
Light, robust and versatile ski for mountains or hunting.
The Combat NATO is a very light and robust ski with steel edges and a 22 mm sidecut. Developed for the army and military use, the ski is designed both for steep and demanding terrain and for travelling at speed in varied conditions – something achieved through a combination of a moderate wax pocket, a sidecut of 22 mm, and a balanced width, affording control and excellent floating properties on
deeper snow. A ski for the trek and the swift descent. Designed to withstand anything the mountain can offer, the binding area is reinforced with the alloy Titanal while the sole is milled for low friction at the attachment point of the NATO X-Skin – a 45 mm climbing skin specially adapted for these skis. There is also an opening at the back of the ski for the attachment
of a short skin in extreme temperatures.

Climbing Skins to Combat Nato: We offer an separate climbing skin specially adapted for the model in 45 mm width (art.no 540225)

Details from Asnes Combat Nato:

-Classic ski with good carrying capacity and driving performance for hunting.

-Wide Back Country ski optimized for downhill and flow

-Easy to turn when downhill skiing

-White design for hunting and military use

-Short skin system reduces friction when using skins

Sidecut: 84-62-74 mm

-Steel Edge Complete

-Material: Popler and Beech Woodcore, Titanal

-Length: 180, 190, 200 cm

-Weight: 2.400 g/Pair (200 cm)

adequate Short Skin:
-Asnes Syntetik Short Skin Special Nato Combat Skinlock SLS with 45 mm #AS540225
-Asnes X-Skin Mohair 58 mm # AS541005
-Asnes X-Skin Nylon 58 mm # AS541002
-Asnes Mohair Longskin 2100/60 CF #AS540294

ski without binding!

90 YEARS OF SKI MANUFACTURING For 90 years Åsnes has manufactured robust mountain skis for touring and expeditions. The history of Åsnes began in 1910 when the oldest brother in the Åsnes family received a job position at the Hagen Ski factory in Christiania (present day Oslo). Here, he learned the art of crafting skis, and by 1913 four of the six Åsnes brothers worked for the Hagen Ski factory. In 1922, two of the brothers traveled back home to Straumsnes and started manufacturing skis in a traditional « sperrestova» barn on the farm. Within about a year all of the four brothers working for the Hagen Ski factory moved back home to Straumsnes to manufacture their own skis. In the beginning the brothers didn’t have much funds but they had the motivation and a strong work ethic. They received their lumber from the other side of the fjord and paid for it with fish. On the way over to purchase the lumber they would spend their time fishing in the fjord. They rowed the lumber back to Straumsnes, and out of these pieces of lumber came the most amazing skis the west coast of Norway had ever seen. Åsnes has a long and rich history based upon hard work and true grit. The Åsnes family built their first factory in 1933 and in 1937 the brothers company, Åsnes Ski AS, received their first order from the military of defense. In 1948 the factory burned down, with the help of family and friends a new factory was raised within two years. The new factory was three stories tall and had a total of 500 square meters of floor space. The factory was expanded several times over the following years and at its largest had a floor space of over 2500 square meters. Åsnes had one of its peak years in 1977, they manufactured 137,000 pairs of skis at the Straumsnes factory. There were rough times during the following years at the Straumsnes factory. In 1985 Åsnes had a comeback with the increasingly trendy Telemark Ski. The skin lock system was released in 2003 and within the past few years has once again given Åsnes a strong position back in the ski market.

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