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    Exel X-CURVE X-HMC100 Product code: EXXCC13001160
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    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
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    Exel X-CURVE X-HMC100 Highlight of the Curve-Innovation. The Exel X-Curve X-HMC 100 offers nearly 20% more power in the push (tested at the university of Jyväskäla - Finland). Thanks to the optimised grip position curve-technologie allows a longer way of acceleration and a higher maximum speed. Thanks to 100% high module carbon this pole is lightweight and highly stiff. New World Cup strap with soft neoprene material for exceptional comfort, optimal connection to the pole and a better power transfer. The carbid metall tip and aerodynamic basket offer high grip on every ground.

    SHAFT: 100 % HM-Carbon

    GRIP: C Cork World Cup

    STRAP: World Cup

    BASKETS: large Excelerator Max baskets (10mm) with hard metal tips

    -COLOR: Black/Orange

    -LENGH: 140cm -175cm
    Ole Einar Björndalen chooses Exel.Legendary biathlete and Olympic gold medallist Ole Einar Björndalen and E-Sports Group Oy have joined forces. At a press conference held on 14 May 2014 in Oslo, Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Björndalen announced that he will continue his career until the Biathlon World Championships in 2016, and also that he has started a collaboration with Exel. The most successful athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics is always looking for ways to improve. Björndalen, 40, tried Exel’s revolutionary pole innovation, the Exel X-Curve. He was extremely happy with its technical properties, which have been proven to offer benefits such as 17% more propulsive force with each push compared to a standard pole. “While testing the pole I realised that my levels of lactic acid and pulse rate were somewhat lower than when using a traditional pole at the same strain level. The differences are marginal, but I’m happy with this margin. The difference over 10 kilometres may be 10–15 seconds, so we are talking about reaching the finish in first or tenth position”, says Björndalen. “I have noticed that when I use X-Curve, my skiing technique is simply better. This is a revolutionary ski pole that gives me more push force than traditional straight poles,” he adds. Björndalen has won eight gold medals, four silver medals and one bronze medal at the Olympics. His impressive collection of medals from elite competitions also includes 39 World Championship medals. Björndalen won his latest gold medals in Sochi.
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