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     / Pick-up and delivery service for skis DPD Germany
    Pick-up and delivery service for skis DPD Germany DE Product code: DPDH6&B_1
    30.00 €
    Not discountable
    incl. VAT, w/o shipping
    Hol Bring Service Nordic Tuning-Please select variant:

    Pick-up and delivery service for skis DPD Germany Pick-up and delivery of your service skis by DPD.



    1-5 pair 30 €

    6-10 pairs 60 €

    You can easily send your skis to us for ski service. Take advantage of our cost-effective pick-up and delivery service - for just (from) 30 € across Germany!

    And that's how it works:

    • Pack your skis in a box or ski bag - as small as possible with a maximum of 3m girth (length + 2xheight + 2xwidth).

    • Make an order with the desired grinding (see stone grindings) and mark the skis (which grinding on which ski).

    • Caution! The skis must be cleaned and free of wax.

    • DPD will then pick up the package from you. A pickup address must be specified where the parcel service can pick up the skis all day.

    • After the service we will send you the skis back.

    Further information: www.nordic-tuning.de
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