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V2 Rollerski Shock Absorbing Ferrule 9/10mm/11mm

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V2 Rollerski Shock Absorbing Ferrule 9/10mm/11mm
V2 has a worldwide reputation for good roller ski ferrules. But, the problem with carbide hitting asphalt is the sudden jolt that has given many skiers elbow and shoulder tendinitis. When you ski on snow there is damping by the compaction of the snow. V2 has now developed a roller ski ferrule with about 12 mm of damping before the carbide tip engages the tarmac and it is as light as a racing pole snow basket. (Weight 12.4 grams.)

The biggest advantage of the design is that if the damping feature should prematurely fail you can still roller ski because the damping is independent of the reliable V2 roller ski ferrule. The new ferrule is more expensive than a standard non-dampened ferrule, but since V2 ferrules are already very price competitive a few dollars more for more snow like feel and a potential reduction in tendinitis should be worth it. Presently the shock absorbing ferrules are only available in the 10 mm size that accepts pole shafts from 9 to 11 mm. If necessary, they can be drilled out to 11mm.

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