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// Marwe Rollerski Skate 590 XC

Marwe Rollerski Skate 590 XC

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Marwe Rollerski Skate 590 XC
Made in Finland!

Winner of XC-Ski Rollerski test:
The test winner with top value for the liability and consistently excellent reviews. Still the benchmark in the skating area.

New implementation of the tried and ture 590 Skate Models with new high quality holms made of Snowfeel XC Nanocarbon Aircell Core that offers optimal flex at high speeds! Manufactured by Peltonen, these rollerskis have the same construction as the race ski models.
With new 590mm flexible compsite holm that offers ideal flex even for heavier skiers. Affordable, top-rated training rollerskis with wide 40mm wheels and a shorter holm for the best handling and control for diagonal stride.
The wide wheels make these rollerskis ideal for beginners and junior rollerskiers. These rollerskis feel very similar to snow thanks to the flexible holm and a soft push feeling. Includes fenders and one directional wheel brake for the frotn wheel.

NEW: With 2 frame stiffness

Soft: to 80 kg
Stiff: to 110 kg

Available at the following resistances:
minimal (6C0) simulating skiing on icy snow
medium (6C6) simulating skiing on fresh snow
maximal (6C7) simulating skiing on wet snow
(wheels are made of different rubber)

Holm: new Marwe Snowfeel XC Nanocarbon Aircell Core
Axle to axle length: 590 mm
Ground clearance: 29 mm
Wheel Diameter: 80 mm
Wheel width: 40 mm
Wheel Material: Rubber
Weight: 1900 g/Pair

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