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Swenor Rollerski Fiberglass Cap Classic

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Swenor Rollerski Fiberglass Cap Classic
MVP—Our Most Popular and Versatile Classic Rollerski
Famous Swenor on-snow feel from composite shaft with medium size wheels that manage the pavement and offer stability while remaining lightweight.

(NEW) Now available with the number 3 wheel for additional training resistance.

Composite Laminate Shaft Construction:

To make Swenor composite shafts, laminates (thin plies) of lightweight wood are sandwiched and wrapped by layers of carbon fiber and/or fiberglass. These composite layers are bonded together with space-age epoxy resins in a special mold that gives the skis their slight Nordic camber. Cap models are further wrapped in a protective Cap.

a) Composite laminate construction is successful because the various materials act together. Each material can overcome deficits in the others. This allows Swenor to engineer a ski that feels like you are skiing on snow, and, at the same time, can handle the demanding rigors of the harsh road environment.

Lightweight wood is at the core to absorb and dampen harsh road vibrations, thus reducing skier fatigue.
Fiberglass is added to damper further vibrations, and serves as a lightweight method of increasing stiffness, strength and durability in order to withstand impacts from sharp and heavy objects that will be encountered on road surfaces.
Carbon Fiber replaces some wood and fiberglass to further decrease weight on the CarbonFibre shaft.
Cap is a thin foil material added as a further protective barrier against the elements on Cap models.
Lightweight front and rear aluminum wheel forks are attached to the exterior of composite shafts. This three-part shaft fork system further isolates the skier from harsh road shock.

Medium Wheel:

- Diameter 70 mm

- Breadth 45 mm

- Ratcheted Rear

- Wheel Speed 2 OR Wheel Speed 3

Weight: 2240 g

Length: 730 mm

Bearings: Precision Swenor Sealed

Weight to 100 kg

Swenor is an Official Supplier of the Norwegian Ski Team, Swedish Ski Team, Norwegian Biathlon Team, Swedish Biathlon Team and of course the U.S. Ski Team

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