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SYNCROS Sattel Tofino V 2.0

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SYNCROS Sattel Tofino V 2.0
The Tofino saddle is our road bike saddle for money-thugs - and fits most riders. It is characterized by a more upright sitting position, which is more in the middle rear position of the saddle. It is suitable for riders who sit mainly on the ischial tuberosity and thus on the wider part of the saddle. On the bike they look like a V, hence the name. These riders tend to sit closer to the front of the saddle, this position being aided by the pubis bones. The driver's position is generally crouched and requires a slightly different saddle shape. The 2.0 version has CrMo saddle rails, while the Channel version has a larger contact area to minimize pressure points while still allowing contact with the saddle. The saddle, developed in collaboration with the internationally renowned bike fitting company gebioMized, has been designed to be the most adaptable bike fitting solution available for mass-produced saddles.

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