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// Test Fischer Roller Skis

Test Fischer Roller Skis

Product code: TESTFiRo FISCHER
30.0030.00 incl. VAT, w/o shipping
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to Germany: siehe Versandkosten
International: siehe Versandkosten
Business conditions
Test Fischer Roller Skis
Three Day Roller Ski test (only in Germany)

Fischer Carbonlite Classic
Fischer Carbonlite Skate
Fischer RC7 Classic
Fischer RC7 Skate
Fischer Junior Combi

When one buys the Fischer rollerskis they get the test price with no delivery charge.

If one chooses to return the rollerskis the return will be at the customers cost.

Pole length will be the skiers height x 0.85 (classic) or height x 0.9 (skate).

Please indicate your binding system: NNN or SNS

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