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X-BIONIC® – Improved performance whatever the conditions are

The X-BIONIC® collection of functional clothing for cyclists, runners, winter sports fans, runners and
racing drivers is a revolution that fits like a second skin. The collection ranges from functional
underwear, second layers and jackets to trousers and accessories, all designed according to the
highest specifications of their sport.
X-BIONIC®’s basic philosophy is to learn from nature. As a result, under the leadership of Prof. Bodo
W. Lambertz, the research and development team has carefully examined how animals and plants
have perfectly adapted to their respective climates over the course of evolution. Inspired by these
natural models, new technological solutions have been developed to help humans improve their
performance in every sport and in all types of weather conditions.
This led to the development of unique functions, such as insulation, cooling and partial compression,
which combine to deliver enhanced active moisture control and temperature regulation. Together, they
ensure that the body maintains an optimal temperature of 37 °C and enable maximum performance.


X-SOCKS® – A world of over 150 models
Including trekking, running, cycling, winter sports, multi-sports, golf, tennis, football, motorcycling,
business & casual and specially-designed versions for women and kids.


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