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  •  / Blizzard Tourenski Zero G084 + Binding Marker KingPin 10/13 Set
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    Blizzard Tourenski Zero G084 + Binding Marker KingPin 10/13 Set Product code: BLI8A105300
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    Blizzard Tourenski Zero G084 + Binding Marker KingPin 10/13 Set Set Ski + Binding

    The touring ski Zero G 85 from Blizzard stands for maximum performance on the ascent. The touring ski achieves its lightness as well as its stability through the Carbon Drive 2.0 technology. The carbon structure provides torsional rigidity and optimal flex, which is why the lightweight also impresses with its downhill quality. For better power transmission and more safety, Blizzard has installed two carbon reinforcements in the binding area. The Uphiller of the Zero G collection has a waist width of 85 mm. Its forgiving nature and the smoothness at high speeds make the ski versatile.

    Lengh: 157-164-171-178 cm
    Tail: 116-85-99,5 mm (171)
    Radius: 16/18/19/20/22m
    Weight:1050g +/-50g (164cm)
    Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall (Carbon), Carbon Drive Technology
    Rocker: Tip to Tail Rocker
    Color: Yellow

    Made in Austria!

    Marker Kung Pin 10
    Kategorie Touring
    Bremsenbreite 75 - 100 mm, 100 - 125 mm
    DIN Range 5.0 - 10.0
    Empf. Fahrergewicht 30 - 105 kg
    Standhöhe o. Ski 21 mm
    Vorderbacken Kingpin Pintech Toe
    Step-in Ferse Kingpin Heel
    Farbe Schwarz - Kupfer
    Gewicht o. / m. Bremse 650 g / 730g

    Set Ski with Binding!

    Lengh 157/164cm mit King Pin 10
    Lengh 171/178cm mit King Pin 13
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