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Globulonero is a new brand which has interpreted a personal way to conceive the skiroll with high performances through the technical and technological research of composite materials and new building systems.

The Globulonero single-body skirolls made of carbon fibres and composite are the result of a long and fascinating technological process. Everything was born from an idea, a sketch, and materializes with the realization of the moulds, from the production of the first prototypes to the unrelenting tests carried out in the laboratory and on the road with the athletes, perfecting the Skiroll through their feedback.

This way, some sophisticated skirolls with high technological content were born for the cross-crountry and biathlon training. You will grow fond of them, suffering and skiing 356 days a year in any place in the world.

A particular sandwich stratification process (used also for the frames of the sporty single-seat items) gives the frame the ability to distribute the strain along the whole structure and to “work” in a way which is very similar to the ski, guaranteeing a total non-deformability and maintaining its characteristics unchanged in the course of time.

The shapes and dimensions of the frame have been studied in order to obtain structures oriented towards safety, performance, comfort and weight.

In brief, every Globulonero skiroll produced with this building system is a complete and balanced instrument guaranteeing quality, elegance and reliability. It is able to satisfy the demands of the most important athletes of the World Cup.

This is the way the first generation of Skirolls was born. Really groundbreaking single-body skirolls made of carbon fibres and composite, representing for Globulonero – committed to a constant process of research and development - a step ahead in the technological innovation of its products.

Passion for carbon, innovation, technology, design and a real made-in-Italy product.

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