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Marwe Rollerski – Made in Finland!

Marwe rollerskis win internationally rollerski tests year after year and are the training rollerskis most used by biathlon, cross country skiing and nordic combined national teams.

Their construction is unique due to the flexible composite frame (Peltonen ski core) that absorbs vibration as well as their self-produced rubber wheels which are extremely durable and offer superior traction in wet conditions.  Thanks to these distinguished features Marwe rollerskis have reached the high value that they have today in the world of cross country skiing.

The rubber Marwe wheels are unsurpassed world wide.  They are offered in varying speeds – a result of a specialized rubber or polyurethane mixture.  Thanks to the wide variety of speeds available  Marwe has the ideal model rollerski for all ages, skill levels and performance goals.

Marwe rollerskis are the official rollerskis of the IBU Biathlon Summer World Championships and World Cups.


It started in the early 80s with Yrjö Viirret, an employee at Hyvinkään Kumi, a producer of rubber drive wheels for industrial machines.  Yrjö was in charge of the metal department where they made tools for rubber production and his son, Mikko, and daughter, Eija-Maija, were both promising cross country skiers on the Finnish National Team.

At this time it was extremely challenging to acquire wheels and spare parts for summer rollerskis, which lead to the decision to start producing their own replacement wheels for a variety of available rollerski brands. 

It was quickly clear that the Marwe replacement wheels were of a much higher quality than the original wheels from the various rollerskis available.  It was decided at Hyvinkään Kumi to develop and produce their own rollerski.  The Marwe Rollerski brand was born!

The goal was to produce an affordable but high quality rollerski with a reliable supply of replacement parts.  Many local skiers were in co-operation with the rollerski development as well as one old world biathlete, Simo Halonen. 

The first skis were skating only and were made with aluminum frames and 80 x 40 mm rubber wheels.  Marwe sold about 1000 pairs during their first season in 1986.  Marwe quickly changed over to composite frames originally from the ski factory owned by famous rally driver Simo Lampinen.  When the Lampinen factory closed Marwe moved over to Peltonen frames in 1993.

The first model of the renowned Skating 610 rollerskis were produced in 1990.  By the late 90’s Marwe developed their Combi Ski shortly followed by the Classic 800 C due to increasing demand.

Marwe Rollerskis –Made in Finland!


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