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About Voilé

For 35 years the name Voilé has been synonymous with backcountry winter adventure. Rather than the Alps, we are located minutes away from the best snow on earth: the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Our focus in the early 1980s was aimed towards backountry skiing and the resurgence of the telemark turn. Then, in 1991, Voilé turned the snowboard world upside-down by introducing the much-needed design of a backcountry splitboard.

Among other innovations we have created the original ski strap, and our patented system of "Hooks, Clips, and Pucks," which is now the industry standard for the quick assembly and breakdown of splitboard halves.

Voilé has always been a company willing to try anything and then perfect the hell out of it. The end product may not be as sexy or expensive as it could be, but to bear our logo it will definitely deliver performance, reliability, durability, and will simultaneously remain as lightweight as possible.

Today is all that counts

All history aside, we realize that nobody on the planet buys a pair of skis based on the past. Today is all that counts. Competition in the backcountry category is fierce, and the end user is more discriminating than ever. As a result, Voilé ski design is constantly evolving.

There are, however, a few ideas that never change. The hallmarks of any Voilé ski will always be solid and lightweight construction in a design that performs, but doesn't break the bank. Witness this year's line of award winning backcountry skis, and know they are all hand-crafted with care, under one roof, in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains.

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