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The name Joan Rojas probably does not sound familiar to you but this Catalan businessman is a born non-conformist who shies away from the conventional and is not deterred by any obstacles encountered along the way. Joan Rojas took a different route, that chosen by those who want to make a difference. A passionate motorcyclist, in 1992 he loved the sense of freedom he got from riding his motorbike around the roads of Igualada, always wearing an army neck warmer to keep out the cold and wind although he found it very uncomfortable. At Original BUFF® S.A, we create, design, produce and distribute over 90% of our products in Igualada (Barcelona), the place where it all began. The offices and factory are based on the same building with 8.000m2, by this way, we control all the production and distribution processes, maintaining maximum quality. Our star product is the multi-functional tubular Original BUFF®, an original and practical garment that will help to protect you in conditions of extreme cold, wind, sun… and that, today, we export to over 60 countries..BUFF® is not just functional, it is a form of expression, which is why BUFF® tubulars of every type are made, both for intensive sport, walking through the mountain or everyday wear. Because we are non-conformists and we want to take things further, creating a lifestyle. Reinventing the everyday to be original.



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