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  •  / Casco Spirit Comp. Vautron®2 White
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    Casco Spirit Comp. Vautron®2 White Product code: CAS1216
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    Casco Spirit Comp. Vautron®2 White Slightly slimmer cut glasses with technology from the Nordic model. Available in 2 sizes:
    for large heads: L
    for small heads: M
    The original this new season with an outstanding Vautron ® 2 Photomatic Mirrow 3D lens for maximum visibility in bad weather at the same time, 100% UV protection. Significantly less sensitive to temperature than Vautron1. Continuous Lens with 100 % UV protection and antifog coating, which rests not on the nose, prevents the Fogging. Wide comfortable headband with swivel joint which can be folded up the glasses and thus functions as snow and rain shield.
    Vautron ® 2-Photomatic Mirrow 3D Window: Scratch resistant high-performance disc - is in windshields used by Apache military helicopters.

    -Mounted: Vautron®2 lens

    Frame Color: White / Black / Red
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