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    Ercolina Upper Body Power Traction Tool DOUBLE STRENGTH MOTO Product code: AKZDoppiaMoto
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    Product currently out of stock - delivery time on request from the supplier.
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    Ercolina Upper Body Power Traction Tool DOUBLE STRENGTH MOTO Exclusively available with us!

    The Ercolina Upper Body Power Traction Tool DOUBLE STRENGTH MOTO change the regulation of force on the magnetic brake with an electric motor, while using the machine , to automatically adjust resistance to programmed levels.

    Caution - the ERCOLINA DOUBLE STRENGTH is very special even for elite skiers and difficult normal skiers can hardly appreciate it.

    Ercolina Upper Body Power simulate in a extremely realistic way that imitate the movement of the for cross county skiing. It is perfect for training both classic and free technique.
    Thanks to the direct connection between the flywheel and the handle, Ercolina allows to have a unique sensation of “feel the snow”, with absolute realistic feeling.

    The length of the cables and the efficacy of the rewinding system of Ercolina Upper Body Power allows high performances with the high cadence that the strongest athletes can achieve.

    Ercolina gives the user an immediate feedback in order to correct asymmetry of the movement. With two independent resistance units, the machine allows to exercise double poling and diagonal as well.

    Training with the Ercolina Upper Body Power prevents backache. In fact Ercolina Upper Body Power allows you to exercise all core stability muscles.

    The users can adjust the distance of the handles in order to perform the push with parallel arms and to adapt to shoulder with of the user.

    Ercolina Upper Body Power is a machine with magnetic brake with a extended resistance range.
    The minimum setting of the force allows even younger to use of Ercolina without danger of overload. The maximun setting is good enough to overstress an Olympic athlete.

    Numerous cross-country skiers and biathletes training equipment such as
    Justina Kovalczik PL, Sergio Bonaldi ITA ;Stanislav Rezac CZ
    Biathlon: Martin Fourcade FRA

    Mounting on railings, wall bars .. (ordered separately) with Hackenset # AKZHooks.
    Mounting to wall with height-adjustable Halteschienenkit AKZHVK1 # ((available as accessory)

    SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 54 cm (80 cm maximum width) x 24 cm x 22 cm. Weight: 16 kg

    Item no discount!
    Ercolina Upper Body Power is a machine for strengthening the arms and upper body: it is used by professional athletes Cross Country Skiing, Biathlon, Swimming, Kayaking and much more... - PERFECT IMITATION OF “SNOW FEEL”. Pulling the Ercolina feels EXACTLY like double poling or diagonal poling on skis. You have to try this – no other exercise machine offers this level of fidelity and “snow feel”. This is due to the unique direct and rigid connection between the flywheel and the handle of the Ercolina Upper Body Power machine. As a result, with the Ercolina you train the exact muscles needed for XC skiing: starting with the lower and upper abdominal muscles that crunch quickly when the pole hits the snow, to the latissimus dorsi in the upper body to the triceps in your arms during main power application and follow-through and back muscles during forward swing. - COMPLETE MOVEMENT Thanks to the length of the cables, the Ercolina Upper Body Power machine allows for both short poling and long poling, as the user want. It´s always nice to see skiers with a correct tecnique. This machine allow the user to exercise with all the arms movements that are possible in Cross Country Skiing. - DIAGONAL POLING With the Ercolina you can train diagonal poling because the machine is composed from two distinct units, one for each arm. Training diagonal poling in addition to double poling is extremely important because diagonal poling isolates the triceps and therefore requires more specific triceps strength, as well as back strength. Also, switching between double poling and diagonal poling makes your workout more varied and interesting. The Ecolina Upper Body Power machine allows the user to train correct diagonal technique: only when the user applies correctly coordinated arm movements, with both arms poling with the same force and the correct timing, will the machine roll with fluidity. When the user is off synch, the machine is not fluid which gives the user the instant feed-back needed to correct the movement. - HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT With the optional Height Regulation Kit, (in the picture above) the user can move the machine along two vertical rails up and down. With this option different tall users can use the machine with the correct poling angle. The rails are normally 0,5 meters long allowing a 30 centimeters regulation, but they can be customized up to 2 meters, with 170 centimeters regulation. - SHOULDER WIDTH ADJUSTMENT With ease it is possible to adjust the width of the machine to have a parallel arms poling. Normally the Elite Skiers use the maximum width position because a wide arm position aids breathing. - WIDE RANGE OF FORCE REGULATION The Ercolina’s unique magnetic brakes allow the user to train a wide variety of conditions typical for cross country skiing. Set at the maximum, the force that must be applied is similar to the force applied in a steep uphill with no wax on the skis. A great way to build maximum strength with short intervals consisting of 5-20 sets of 5-15 repeats per set. The minimum regulation of force allows children to use the machine, without overstressing their young muscles and having great fun. Interim settings are used for interval workouts. - EASY TO CARRY AND INSTALL The machine weighs11 kgs, and with the optional carrying bag it can be carried to holidays or training camps: the hooks, also an option, allow the user to install the machine on a fence, a pull-up bar or a wooden board within one minute. Many elite athletes use these two options (in the picture above) to carry the machine on training camps. For example in Ramsau am Dachstein, where many Cross Country Skiing/Biathlon National Teams ski in the summer and fall, some of the hotels have wooden boards so their guest can easily install their Ercolinas. - WIDE RANGE OF POSSIBLE EXERCISES The machine can be used for many exercises in different positions using the two ropes with one hand , with the machine at the minimum shoulder width, well over 150 kgs of force can be applied. - SPINE MUSCLES BALANCING, TO ELIMINATE THE BACK PAIN Training with the Ercolina Upper Body Power machine is often effective to prevent or eliminate back pain. With correct double poling technique on the Ercolina Upper Body Power machine, the user exercises alternatively the front abdominal muscles (in the picture above - Christian Zorzi with his Ercolina) and the back spine muscles. As a result, the spine is correctly supported by these strengthened muscles which can alleviate back pain. Therefore many physiotherapists are recommending the Ercolina to build back strength and incorporate it into their physical therapy programs. Some retired elite skiers are continuing to use the Ercolina to keep their abdominal and spine muscles in good shape to eliminate or prevent back pain.
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