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  •  / Fjellpulken Pulk Transporter 155
    Fjellpulken Pulk Transporter 155 Product code: FJE20600-1
    211.00 €
    incl. VAT, w/o shipping
    Product currently out of stock - delivery time on request from the supplier.
    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    Product currently out of stock - delivery time on request from the supplier.
    out of stock
    Fjellpulken Pulk Transporter 155 Transporter 155 is a brand new product in our product portfolio and is a load board in plastic (polyethylene) made for simple tasks like carrying goods or firewood into a cabin, etc. Many pulk owners do not want to use their pulk for such tasks, which often gives a bit more tear and wear to the pulk - and then you will find this product ideal.
    It is reasonable priced, but still solid in it's construction and not at all comparable to the plastic boards (pulksI) which can be found in the market. It can be ordered with rubber band for securing the load and with rope for pulling. If you like, it can also be ordered with standard pulk harness and shaft - which is the solution we would recommend for the maximum comfort and user friendlyness.

    Weight 4kg
    Lenght 155cm
    Width 50cm
    Loading height 40-50cm
    Cargo volume 300Liter

    -incl. Fjellpulken Spare Leatherstrap incl Mounting FJE910

    -Fjellpulken skier shafts standard FJE0701
    -Fjellpulken Pulling Harness FJE0710
    -Fjellpulken Expedition Harness FJE0711
    -Fjellpulken Shaft attachments with straps, pair FJE0910
    -Fjellpulken Backbag 115 liter FJE0620 /155liter FJE0621

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