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     / Rock Experience ECO MANITOBA Hybrid Vest Men
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    Rock Experience ECO MANITOBA Hybrid Vest Men Caviar Product code: RXREMV012810208
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    Rock Experience ECO MANITOBA Hybrid Vest Men Eco Manitoba is the new and greener version of the famous Manitoba hybrid vest; 99% recycled material. Made with different padding and fabrics to ensure optimal thermoregulation of the different parts of the body. Eco Manitoba provides warmth only where it's needed while allowing excellent breathability.
    Eco Manitoba combines two different materials with their respective advantages. The outer micro ripstop fabric on the front is particularly abrasion and tear resistant. The padding filling, warm, soft and comfortable, is located on the front in areas of the body that normally need more warmth. Excellent breathability and elasticity are ensured by the Power Fleece, a fabric that can be stretched in four directions and is present on the back and sides. Maximum freedom of movement and comfort are therefore guaranteed for all your outdoor activities. Soft, warm and light, Eco Manitoba is the essential garment for every trekking and mountaineering excursion.

    Sizes: S-3XL
    Color: Caviar
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